An Abundance of Trolls #2

An Update

Earlier this morning, I, along with other victims of Dickweed, received a message which he sent using his copycat fake accounts.

Part 1

Troll 1

Part 2:

According to the immature child, he was trying to 'teach us a lesson'. In my honest opinion, he's just a fourteen-year-old monster that gets his kicks out of sexually harassing and threatening people. The fact that he calls his poor girlfriend his 'bitch' and uses crude words to describe the sexual acts he was happy to perform on his victims in his comments and messages, I have no doubt that this person is either mentally unstable or very, very pathetic and lonely. It saddens me, really, that at that age he feels like he has to sexually harass people in order to get some sort of attention. It also saddens me that at fourteen years old, this kid obviously has no parental guidance.

Why let your child run rampage on the internet, causing mass harm and not stop him? How, as a parent, can you not be aware that your child has spent FOUR DAYS on the internet non stop? How?

The worse part is that he honestly believes he's a hacker. Dear troll, if you're reading this, I'd like to let you know that you are not a hacker. Even if I could steal someone's pictures and name and disturb the peace, but I don't, because I have morals and education and manners; all things that you lack and all things that you should have been taught by your parents.

It's not okay, what you did. It's not okay, it's unforgivable and continuing in this manner will result you in living a very short, lonely life or spending the rest of it behind bars. Is that what you want? Because people can make it happen, trust me. People have gone behind bars for far less than that.

Another thing I would like to say is that I have no doubt that Goodreads' security servers are weak. As a major social networking site, I would expect some sort of safety from the staff. As a result of their lack of security, this person was able to come back over and over again. I do not believe that they tried to block the IP address. It doesn't take a genius to block it, even if it pops up again and again. If Facebook and Twitter can do it (quickly and efficiently) why can't you, GR? Why did you have to wait for it to escalate? What if this person was a true danger to society, and something happened in real life? Are you willing to live with that on your conscience? The kid has a point -- loopholes are a big problem, and if you want to stop this happening again, you need to close those loopholes. Give people a 0% chance of coming back if this were to happen again.

I'm sad and angry that it carried on for so long and escalated so quickly, but I am obviously incredibly relieved that it's over...

For now.

I have no doubt this person will come back at some point in the future and I hope GR sorts it out faster.

Tarklovishki made a YouTube video called "The Goodreads Epidemic". You can find it here

If you are worried about this troll or have screenshots you'd like to share, do not hesitate to contact me on my profile

Many thanks to all who have supported me and the other victims and have helped us get rid of this person. Every flag/report counts and even though it didn't make much of a difference, I'm 100% sure GR was aware of the situation and acting on it.


  1. I'd start a slow clap, but you know, might be a bit awkward. I'm just glad he's gone.. for now. I'm also convinced he'll be coming back if he gets bored of harassing people on other websites. His so-called explanation pissed me off to no end. He threatened people and sexually harassed them, including me. I seriously felt violated at times. And it is not okay.

  2. Your message seems to be a little bit different from mine.


    "Aly and Inge are cute too :P" Repulsive.

  3. Oh yeah, he's a hacker. He just copied your name and your photo. Any 5 year old would do that. (I wonder f "hacker" will be another misused word like "nerd", which is now applied to any Steam-addict who knows how to format a PC.) Now saving a profile image, uploading it to GR and filling someone else's name in a profile qualifies as "hacking".

    And let's not be naive. Of course he doesn't have a girlfriend. He'll die a virgin. :D

  4. Wow, that was gr eat. Brilliant post, Aly.