An Abundance of Trolls

Disclaimer: Thanks to everyone who has sent me screenshots so far. If you, reading this, have any screenshots to send, please contact me on my GR profile here.

My dearest friends, where do I begin? I never imagined this could happen to someone like me. Considering I'm not a popular user on Goodreads, I thought I was safe from the trolls that infest those waters. 

However, in the past three days, a troll (whom I shall name Dickweed) has been copying my profile picture and name, and using my identity to post spiteful, disgusting comments on my friends' statuses and reviews. I'm not the only victim here, it's done so to another two (as far as I'm aware) members. It's a shame that after three days of constant flagging, reporting and blocking, Goodreads still hasn't done much about this other than deleting the fake profiles... which, of course, leads Dickweed into making a new one and the whole vicious cycle begins anew.

So I've decided to create this blogpost, alerting you all of this happening. Of course if you're on Goodreads, you're probably aware of this, but it's safer for those who don't know this is happening to probably read about it here and take necessary precautions before approaching the war-zone that is GR at this moment in time.

If you encounter this FAKE profile, please BLOCK, FLAG AND REPORT as soon as possible. If you don't, it's only a matter of time before YOU begin receiving the following comments:

As you can see, FAKE Aly is sending the real Aly (me) disgusting messages. This, I'm afraid, is only the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of comments on my statuses and friends' statuses/reviews. Like the following, taken from Tarklovishki's blog:

This troll is relentless and horrible. Not only is he impersonating me a lot of the time, but other GR members. The following comments were posted on my status just yesterday:

In this case, Dickweed took on the indentity of a lovely GR member who has never caused any trouble. It's sad to know that a person, whether a child or a fully grown man/woman, is compelled to post such disgusting and offensive comments. My friend, Inge, rose to the bait in the hopes he'd get bored of her (and of us) and left us alone. Alas, it was not to be:

Another stolen identity.

So I ask you, friends, why the hell isn't GR doing something stronger than just deleting the comments and fake profiles? Why is it that the Goodreads staff is quick in banning reviewers for posting negative reviews, but when someone's identity is at risk, they take the smallest action possible?

Why must members of this community suffer and not feel safe in a place that sanctifies safety and their TOS? Why are we not free to wander around the site, in case this psychopathic troll decides to strike again?