Cracked by Eliza Crewe

Five glorious stars to Eliza Crewe's masterpiece "Cracked"!

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Cracked (Soul Eater, #1)

"When Mom told me I was special and unique, I thought she literally meant I was special and unique. After all, I never met any other children who could lift cars or chew steel bolts.

Turns out I'm only 'mom-special'. Special like a snowflake is special.

Special like a school kid on honor roll.

There are others like me. And they want to kill me."

Dear Eliza Crewe,

How the fuck did you do it? How did you manage to pull off a YA book that is funny, action packed, tear-jerking, kick-ass, original and addictive? 

How did you manage to deal with all the FEEEEEELS and not explode into glitter covered confetti? How?!

Dear author, it's been so damn long since I tore into a book for all the right reasons. It's been so damn long since I have peppered my notepad in notes and highlighted half the book for all the best of reasons. It's been so long since I opened up a book, read a line and didn't think, "Oh here we go again". You have captured my fanship, my feelings, my brain and you have reduced me into a blubbering mess of "OH MY GOD, THE FEELINGS, I CAN'T COPE" and "I want to marry this book you". 

You have given us Meda. You've probably heard this a thousand times, but I think Meda is me. Or I am Meda. Either way. She's a kick-ass, real, bitch-fest of a heroine and I love her so, so, somuch. 

She's funny:

"They won't actually make you fight demons, will they?"
"Hey," She wrinkles her nose. "I'm more dangerous than I look."
Which brings her up to what? Angry-kitten status?

I watch them relax - Chi's confidence is catching.
Unfortunately, my brains render me immune.

"Malachi, explain," the man barks and I recognise his voice as the one from over the PA system, the man behind the curtain.
Please, Mr Wizard, if I only could have a heart!
Chi opens his mouth and vomits the truth. (And please, Mr Wizard, perhaps a brain for my friend?)

She's kick-ass:

I eat what leaves the soul at the kill. The life. The demons get it from Hell; I get it from assholes.

Like any clever spider, I weave my web and set my trap. I steal the idea from an MTV drama - the best place to brainstorm diabolical schemes.

"Jo, we've got like a minute to live," I say, exasperated. I duck under a swinging arm and relieve its owner of his intestines. "I think you should tell him." Yes, I did just give love advice with a fistful of demon guts.

... With a touch of humanity that makes her relatable, loveable and real:

Chi strips off his leather vest and I hold it as he peels off his hoodie, pulling his shirt up with it. I get an eyeful of carved six-pack abs and bite back a whistle... The looks of an angel and yet all it makes me want to do is sin.

Jo turns towards me Her voice is calm but now I see her eyes blaze in a holy hazel fire. She doesn't want to die, but she will, for what she believes in. I need new friends.

There is literally nothing I don't like about Meda and her friends. If I were to bump into them in real life, they'd be the kind of people I'd whisk away to the pub with me, get them royally drunk (Uri can watch, because I'm a rebel but not thatrebellious) and have a blast. Their connection is one of friendship and trust and there is no insta-love. Ms Crewe, do you understand how refreshing that is? To create someone so strong and likeable, and not have her melt into a puddle of woe-is-me and I-met-you-three-hours-ago-but-I-love-you's? The history between Chi and Jo was just so THICK and STRONG, I couldn't help but feel everything they felt. Uri... well, I've decided to adopt him because why the hell not.

It's an original idea. Meda eats people.

Well, their souls. She's a demon but she only eats the bad guys - it's the only way for her to survive. When she tries to bust out of the asylum she was imprisoned in, she, well, 'bumps' into demons just like her... except they want to kill her.

It's a must-read book. It's a you-have-NOT-lived-until-you-read-this book. It's a every-book-you-know-will-pale-in-comparison book. 

Eliza Crewe, you have my soul and I cannot wait to readCrushed.

Forever yours,

Soul and all,

(I will be your slave forever if I have to)


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