Review Policy and Rating System

What Our Ratings Mean
5 stars: Perfect in every way, we couldn't have asked for more. Whatever flaws there are, we happily skimmed over them/didn't notice them at all. If it were possible, we would probably marry the book, the characters and most likely the author too.

4 stars: The flaws got to us, and niggled at our brains, but overall we adored it!

3 stars: We were either bored or incredibly excited, there was no in between. An interesting plot/story line/set of characters that needed more work/depth/information. Good effort!

2 stars: You're crawling through the danger zone. I don't like you but I probably feel too bad/sad to give you only one. You get away with your terrible-ness, so run as fast as possible. Probably won't read again.

1 star: How dare you take bookshelf/Kindle space? Get out of here, you rubbish, awful thing!
Our Review Policy
- We are as honest as possible in our reviews. Any points made are NOT, in any way, shape or form, an attack on the author. Unfortunately, a book you may love might be one we loathe.

- We will rate and review fairly. I, Aly, never DNF an ARC and will try my hardest to finish every book I am given/I bought/borrowed. If a book warrants a DNF, I will still rate and review fairly.

- We do not tolerate cyber bullying, trolls or BBAs. If you are one of those people, you will be banned faster than you can say Quidditch. Our reviews are not a space for arguments.